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Instrumental Studio One classic originally by Cornel Campbell redone Prince Fatty style and taken from the "In the Viper's Shadow" album

Stem Pack Contents:

This stem pack contains 10 x 24 bit / 44.1kHz WAV format audio files: bass guitar stem, pick guitar stem, guitar chop stem, drums stem, organ stem, organ hook stem, piano stem, horn stem, kick stem, kete stem.

The tracks are live performances from start to finish, including full arrangements complete with intros and fills. Performed by the Supersized Band, including Horseman on drums.

Fatty supplies these stem files dry and free from any effects, which enables you to create your own cosmic soundscapes, by adding reverb or delay to each instrument separately. 


Copyright and usage notes:

All copyright of these stems is held by Prince Fatty and Lovedub Limited.

Commercially releasing, or profiting from, any recordings you have made using these stems is prohibited. This stem pack is designed as an educational and recreational tool for people to experience the endless possibilities of dubbing.

You can remix these stems for fun at home and for use in free live performance to audiences. You can also post videos and music made with these stems for non-commercial distribution on the internet. This means you can, for example, post videos on YouTube or social media, of remixes or your live dubbing, but you cannot then monetise these videos with ads or paywalls. You should also credit Prince Fatty as creator of these stems, with a link to this website.

If you want to use these stems for a commercial purpose beyond this scope of education and fun, you should ask for permission by contacting us via the contact form on this website. We may then arrange a special licence for you.

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