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S.V.A. Reverb Unit Type A415 (Grampian 636) Prince Fatty Edition

S.V.A. Reverb Unit Type A415 (Grampian 636) Prince Fatty Edition

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Prince Fatty custom and modified version of the classic Grampian 636 spring reverb made famous by Lee Perry and Adrian "On-U Sound" Sherwood.

Transformer-coupled Germanium transistor preamp - a preamp circuit taken note for note from the Grampian 636 - with additional 18db hi pass and low pass filter for adjustment.

LES bulb compressed transistor-based reverb tank driver. Direct switch added so the A415 can be used on an AUX bus too.

"One of the warmest fuzziest transformer coupled mic amps and the most delicious spring reverb. Good for dub, all instruments and vocals."

  • Manufactured using renewable electricity sources by SVA.
  • Prince Fatty edition. Made to order, by hand, in a workshop in England.
  • Uses 5W of power during operation.
  • Insured global shipping.
  • Not included in any shop offers for free shipping.

Update April 2023: If you are interested in this product, please contact us.

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